Why You

The gap between where you are now and your full potential, that complete life that you've always wanted, is important to focus on. And without focusing on it, people wonder why something is "missing" and they feel unfulfilled. You deserve that complete life. And it's within reach, right now.

You are successful, but that doesn't mean there isn't a next level

I am available for helping hard-driven, successful businesspeople, entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives to have success in all areas of their lives. No longer is the end goal of a successful professional life enough – we want, and we all need, more peace of mind, confidence, clarity, and to have more complete lives. The life you want is attainable, but most likely you’ve not known or had the tools to accomplish your life-success.

Sometimes the tools developed in the workplace are the exact ones interfering in other parts of life. At other times, the challenges you find in your life are across all areas: work, relationships, financial, internal navigation. Typically, the tools and skills we use originated from a need, often out of pain or confusion. And while they served the goal at the time and provided a fix, they also got over-used and now there’s a gap in your repertoire, your skill set. 

Having worked for decades with people’s minds, I can quickly assess and understand thinking patterns, challenges, and what would be a good potential next step forward. Understanding the physical and biological aspects of humanity, I can guide people to missing elements, necessities for full living. In the realm of the biofield, energy, subtle consciousness and subtle unconsciousness I can teach and work to clear obstacles impeding people’s forward movement. It is precisely these three areas that offer breadth and depth of the type of work needed for a fuller, and more fulfilling life.

Who is a Complete Executive Consulting client?

I am here for:

  • Successful people feeling like something is still missing in life
  • Professionals who are interested in internal inquiry, a radical introspection
  • Entrepreneurs and executives who have driven “too hard”
  • People confused about repeated obstacles and how to change them
Two women sitting down for a coaching session.

How will you know when you are ready for this work:

  • You’ve already tried alternatives and not had the deep success you want
  • You can commit resources to regular meetings, weekly or every two weeks
  • You have a gnawing feeling there’s something you don’t understand that impedes your success
  • You want more in your life

Who is not a fit for working with me:

  • Groups of people(individual sessions only)
  • Businesses focused only on growing revenue

Four things prospective clients need to know

You have developed and honed a multitude of skills allowing you to succeed thus far in life. At the same time, there are other skills that have been under-developed, or ignored altogether. I’ll assess what is missing and guide you to developing those skills. Your arsenal becomes more, and your life becomes fuller. You can live a bigger life, one filled with professional, personal, interpersonal success – you deserve more joy in your life and it’s totally attainable!

I’m not interested in working with clients who’s only goal is to make more money. If that is your goal, I’m not the best Consultant for you.

I will challenge you and support you: Both are imperative, and we will easily navigate the two. I will also teach you ways to do both for yourself and others in your life. You will have a better balance as a result of the work we undertake.

Not everyone is a good fit for my style. I am decisive and often swift while simultaneously being patient and compassionate. I will keep us on track, but the track is rarely linear. It requires some amount of trust in our process and will likely include full-on pain at times and lots of laughter.


As humans we each operate within our own view of the world, shaped by our experiences. This results in limitations and blind spots that simply put- cannot be seen. These unrecognized and unaccounted areas often the cause of our problems, continue shaping us throughout life. Complete means you will freshly see what has been missing from your life. Consider this widespread implication for a moment.  


You have already achieved success; learned, practiced, invested, risked, - you’ve done your time in the trenches and expected the fruition to be sweeter. Why is it not?  What is left for you in your professional life and does your personal life need some patching up and attention now?


Infused with the wisdom and experience of psychology, biology, entrepreneurship, and business; “oh, the places we will go,” says Dr. Suess. This can be the ride of your life, opening areas you didn’t know existed, not constrained in our exploration. 

How does this work?

We meet virtually, exploring which of your life skills are over and under-utilized. I will then provide alternatives to expand and grow your expertise. As you practice these different ways to encounter yourself and the world, you will notice a shift in your life. The new adaptations will continue being integrated into the work you are doing, and this is the way your life will become more. With each step into a once-unknown territory, you will master the innovative ways, and the next steps will become evident to us. Walking through this process together allows your aptitude, competence, and choices to expand. These new building blocks will provide you a more complete life – one that was previously unavailable.