Gwin Stewart

I've been trained as a psychologist, a substance abuse counselor, and a meditation instructor. I'm also the founder and owner of three businesses and a non-profit. Having worked for decades with everyone from inmates to those in the C-suite, I swiftly grasp missing aspects in your life and can help folks understand what is missing, why it’s missing, and how to fill in the gap rather than continuing the ignoring and avoiding game.

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About Me

The story and experience of Gwin Stewart

my Mission

Having worked for decades with people’s minds, I can quickly assess and understand thinking patterns, challenges, and what would be a good potential next step forward. Understanding the physical and biological aspects of humanity, I can guide people to missing elements, necessities for full living. In the realm of the biofield, energy, subtle consciousness and subtle unconsciousness I can teach and work to clear obstacles impeding people’s forward movement. It is precisely these three areas that offer breadth and depth of the type of work needed for a fuller, and more fulfilling life.

With breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, Gwin understands people’s challenges and helps them overcome obstacles swiftly and profoundly. She often says, “Life is too short to f*%@ around, we need to get moving now!”

my Mission
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Great businesses that trust my work

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Enabling success and completing lives

My mission is to help professionals understand and dismantle habits and patterns hindering
more career success, interfering in personal life, or leaving them feeling empty or lost. As habits
are stripped away, people’s skill for living a more complete life increases. With every person
living more fully, benefits extend. Complete people engender, inspire, and support others to
their own completion. This cycle is my aspiration for our world. Are you brave enough to take
your seat in your further growth?

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case studies

Watch how I had helped FastCo grow 67% in one year

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