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You are successful, but still feel like something is missing in life.

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I am available for helping hard-driven, successful businesspeople, entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives to have success in all areas of life. No longer is the end goal of a successful professional life enough – we want, and we all need, more peace of mind, confidence, clarity, and to have more complete lives. The life you want is attainable, but most likely you’ve not known or had the tools to accomplish your life-success.

Working with me you will perform better at work, in your relationships, in your finances and in the internal navigation of your self.

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My Service

Consulting Service for unlocking potential

Congratulations on recognizing you can be more! Working with thousands of people over the course of decades allows me to recognize what is missing in your life, add in tools and skills, and bring you to your highest capacity. We'll work together to examine your internal dialog and understand how it impacts your behavior. Then we'll master your potential by uncovering the parts of your inner self that nobody sees. Letting go of your internal systems and thought patterns will open the door to the skills needed to bring you to completion. This... is your hidden potential, and I have the secret-decoder ring to help you find it.

About Me

I'm Gwin, a high-impact executive consultant

I've been trained as a psychologist, a substance abuse counselor, and a meditation instructor. I'm also the founder and owner of three business and a non-profit. Having worked for decades with everyone from inmates to those in the C-suite, I swiftly grasp missing aspects in your life and can help folks understand what is missing, why it’s missing, and how to fill in the gap rather than continuing the ignoring and avoiding game.

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Results that speak for themselves

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“She’s willing to go into those horrible places I need to explore -without hesitation.”

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Head of Marketing @ Fastco
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“I had no idea I could double my income in about 18 months of working with Gwin.”

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CEO at @ Hackett Ventures
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“I’ve never been this clear and content in my life, thank you Gwin!”

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CTO @ X-Fashion
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“Life is too short to f*%@ around, we need to get moving now!” - Gwin

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As an expert, I often share content online to continue servicing my clients and people in my network. Let this content shed light on new perspectives, remind you of action you need to take or reinforce your commitment to growth.

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